Monday, March 30, 2015

SNIPER....DC Sniper that is...the first movie. Scary as hell !

     ....D.C. Sniper...the first movie. (2003)

     I have it on VCR(remember those?)
    Just sat down to check the quality (good) and was transfixed as I was the first time I saw commercials and all.
    Here is it’s IMDB listing:
    I can’t say enough about this film.  I was shaken and stirred by what I saw on the screen.
    I was prejudiced about the recent “remake” which I thought was a piece of crap.  It had little to do with the actual scene(s) of the killings which in the original mesmerized me and held me thru the commercial breaks.
    I’m not sure who you have to know to get your copy (DVD?) but try around.  Movies that didn’t make it to DVD are numerous and this may be one.
    The USA Network where it was shown once or twice has NOT repeated it for years.
    It’s not on any of the cable channels or on TCM and Sundance...places that would be likely to run it.
    Thankfully, they aren’t running the recent one much anymore...for obvious reasons.  I’m not even mentioning the title so you won’t be tempted to find that one.
    Check with Netflex...they might have it if there IS a DVD.  Then let me know by email and I’ll post an update.

    One time in my radio “merry-go-round” I was filling in at KSDO San Diego....great station...great city!
    As is now, my favorite stop was McDonalds.
They were test marketing onion rings...and they were dynamite!
    So what happened?
    I believe it had something to do with the difficulty of keeping them fresh...Big Mac has high demands for the quality of their product you know. get to the point on the following link and you’ll see an interesting list of goodies that were tested but didn’t make the grade in many of the fast food spots. I’ve haven’t heard of lots of them but maybe you tried em and wondered what happened...just like my delicious Mac Onion Rings.
    Bring em back!  they were great:

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