Monday, March 16, 2015

Two stories from Radio History...from Stan Major

From Radio Now this Tom Taylor (big surprise..didn’t let me know about it!)

You Can't Make This Up

     The analog days of radio - Stan Major shares two stories about top 40 radio in the late 1950s, "when stations were jumping on the craze and paying thousands of dollars for an echo chamber device. It was thought that your sound was better if you echoed it. Our chief engineer at WIRL in Peoria got us one. For ten bucks. He went to the hardware store and bought a water hose. Hooked it up and we had our echo. 

     I also remember that when Elvis or some other hot artist was to have a new record released, the record promotion guys for that area would have a copy in their hand. Watches synchronized, they would enter the radio stations at the exact same time, so no one could complain they got shafted." More from Stan’s long career at his blog here.

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