Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nudists, nudists everywhere......& not a stich left on!

I’ve been aiming to write about nude beaches in Florida...and the interesting thing about this subject is “nobody’s talking”.
There are seven places in my state where clothing is optional.  Same number as California...which surprised me.  I would have thought the West Coast would be crowned king of this stuff.  Arizona (with no ocean around) has a surprising six....but Hawaii, of course, beats em all with eight.  It’s even hard to call them anything...nude camps is what I grew up its all kind of fancy names...having to do with nature mainly.
Photos are a bit of a problem here. One “camp” caught a guy with a camera trying to sneak taking pics...I don’t know what they did with him.  Great White bait maybe?
   Here’s a GoFlorida write up which is pretty good.  No naughty nude pics though.

                                      ------------------------ is info on the 7 places in Florida where you can drop your pants...legally?

Tell em “Stan” sent you.  They’ll say who?

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