Monday, June 2, 2014

sock it to Putin(again)

boris on tank!

The ghost of Ronald Reagan paid me a visit last night.

     And just as Nixon had earlier...Reagan brought along an old friend and former adversary.

 “Mr. Major...we hope you enjoyed your lunch with me at the White House”.
 “I certainly did, Mr. President, very much. Thank you for inviting me.”

 “I’ve brought a friend I’d like you to meet.  This is Boris Yeltsin...former Soviet President and a man most responsible for the collapse of Communism there!”.

 “It’s an honor to meet you sir” I replied.

 “Thank you.  I’ve come with a reassuring message for you.
You should not fear what leader Putin is doing in Russia now.  He was just a ten cent despot at the KGB when I was President.  He will fade away just like Khrushchev and Castro did!”

 “That is most heartening Mr. Yelstin.
 “Thank you....I’ll pass that along.”

 .....and with that both gentlemen faded away.


 ....still no views from Russia to this blog...since this Putin crises began about a month ago.  I had one from Russia but after a day or two it mysteriously disappeared.
I checked my total Russian views prior to the Putin hard line...the total was about 161 views.  The Ukraine totaled around 50....10 earlier this month.

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