Sunday, June 8, 2014

I want a "jammer"!

Where can I get one of those jammers?

I’ll tell you where I’d work the stores in a checkout line....get rid of the cells I don’t want to listen too....and...walking dogs.....have a little peace again....and students crossing roads and texting...or texting while driving!
Boy I could have a great time jamming these types.
       cell phone users are the most self centered and impolite people on the planet. 

There’s no research that I’ve seen but I would just make a guess that 95% of the cell phone usage is crap...isn’t important...and it’s needless.  Now some are using them in the supermarket aisles asking someone what they should get!       Ever heard of a pencil and notepad?
I use that and never have a problem!

Is there a law that says you can’t “jam” someone's cellphone?  Apparently there is and it snuk up on  us while the government was using it’s technology to listen in on’s citizens.’s the story.  This guy could probably get life if he’s not careful!
"A Florida man is facing a $48,000 fine for using a "jammer" in his SUV to keep people around him off of the phone while he was driving.
The Federal Communications Commission says that Jason R. Humphreys used a phone jammer in his vehicle during his daily commute on I-4 between Seffner and Tampa for about two years before he was caught.
Metro PCS alerted the Feds of an issue in April of 2013. The company noticed that its cell phone tower sites had been experiencing interference during the morning and evening commutes.
Agents from the FCC used direction finding techniques to find that strong wideband emissions were coming out of a blue Toyota Highlander SUV driven by Humphreys.
The FCC says that Hunphreys admitted to using the jammer to keep people from talking on their phones while driving.
Federal law prohibits the operation of jamming devices in the United States.
The FCC says that jamming devices cannot be authorized because they can compromise the integrity of the nation's communications infrastructure, including 911 and police calls during an emergency."

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