Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Michelle for N.C. Senate?

     OMG...rumor has it that the Obama’s may re-settle...not in the Land Of Lincoln from whence they came...but in one of my favorite areas in America...the Northwest Mountains of North Carolina.  To be more precise...Ashville.
God help us all...there’s goes that nice neighborhood!
The White House denies the story....and for once I pray they are right. Will that state see Michelle run for the Senate?  GOP Senator Burr runs for re-election(?) in 2016.  The timing is interesting!

I’ve been meaning to right something about this for awhile...now here it comes.
It’s about the dummies that run and work the desk on camera on the MLB network.  They are supposed to be talking baseball...but...NO...it’s more fun to toss a ball around the studio and see if anyone can catch it.  And I pay for this crap!!!
And...they are so obsessed with the Yankees and the Red Sox...the rest of us wonder why we even have teams,  Right?
    Just put them on...you’ll see what I mean.  Forget that...leave them off and just take my word for it.
That MLB outfit badly needs a whole house cleaning!
“ARGO” is an excellent movie.  I’m not a Ben Affleck fan but he got this one right.  It’s a fast paced film with little or no BS and it tells a great story of how one smart guy at the CIA  almost single-handedly got a bunch of American Embassy employees out of Iran.  Get a copy.  You’ll see what I mean.
Now...we have two good CIA flicks...this and “Zero Dark Thirty.”
“Geronimo...for God and Country...Geromnimo!”

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