Wednesday, June 4, 2014

no word from :"Margate Meg"

Margate Meg
Real Meg

No response from the Margate police officer who looks like Meg Ryan.  I guess I really scared her away by saying something about the nice blue dress she was wearing loading up a squad car with supermarket goodies. intention was NOT to cause was to give the P.D. some lively fun.
Anyway for some reason that outfit choose to ask me to be a “friend” on Facebook.  I guess it’s like an automatic thing if you call their office and aren’t complaining about something.  I called on the phone line that is designated “complements”.
My Facebook is reserved only for family but I went ahead and accepted their invitation.  Maybe officer ___________ will change her mind yet.
Wouldn’t it be fun to see a pic of her next to a pic of Meg?
     The Margate police department is missing a good bet here...getting free positive publicity in the 68 countries reading this blog.  Now, how could they “best” that, huh?
The story out of Ft. Hood, Texas about the organization of female solders into a prostitution ring reminded me of the girl the AFN Frankfurt gang, me, Nick Clooney (George’s Dad in later years), Ray, and a couple of others picked up while cruising near the Wiesbaden Air Force base who turned out to be a member of the American Air Force and was making extra money to meet ends(pardon the pun)
     She was solo...but doing the same thing.
The movie I “starred” in as an extra...Bad Boys II has hit rock bottom...I picked up a dvd copy at the Dollar Tree today...for a dollar of course.  Doesn’t seem to be any interest in a Bad Boys III since two was so crappie.
Yes the Miami Marlins got swept in the three games they played against Atlanta down here.  So the crybaby Braves were quiet....but we just took two straight against the Tampa Bay Rays...but not a peep about sign stealing from their fine manager, Joe Maddon.  He’s classy.
P.S.  We just took the third straight game from the Rays...stealing those signs really works...right Fredi?

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