Monday, June 23, 2014

the tabloids: all the crap you don't need to know!


Persian Gulf Command/WW2

  ...the tabloids are ecstatic...Selena and Justin are back together again.  (not for real I hope!)
They had one of those “we’re just like” you dates for dinner and a movie.  You’ll be seeing at lot about it at your check out counter...but don’t pay the five bucks for the tabloid is worth that price.
If you are gonna fork out the “fiver” for something so stupid get the one that says Queen Liz is dying and passing the throne to Prince William and my dream girl Kate!  
      Screw Prince Charlie...he doesn’t deserve it anyway.

We have a bunch of Russian views on this blog now...Vlad must have liked something I wrote about him!
So let me make my pitch for a free trip to Moscow for me and my son to pick up my father’s “hero” of the nation medal that he so richfully deserves.
Here’s the earlier post on that.  And remember he liked the Russian soldiers in Persia more than the British! the early 1940’s my father was sent to what was then Persia...because as an engineer, who built roads, his expertise was badly needed to build airstrips for FDR’s big lend lease project for the Russians.  
My Dad should be a “Hero” in what was then the Soviet Union!  He worked with Russian and British officers to get the airstrips built in what is now Iran so that masses of food and badly needed supplies could be airlifted into the areas like Leningrad . 
    He proudly wore the “Persian Gulf Command” patch which was probably the most attractive patch in the entire military. (see above)

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