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UFO's & a link to hear my Miami show during the Boatlift!

fairly recent sighting!

Things in the sky late at night! 
(Stan Major National Show)
One night in early ‘93 I had our engineer hook up a long...really long cable for a microphone and during a news break in the middle of the night I hauled the cable out of the studio and down the stairs and out into the parking lot. I had told my board guy to go off delay and I had a transistor radio tuned to the local station we owned and I waited for the theme music to go back on the air.
    We were on on three satellites circling the globe and I had over 100 stations which was the expected reaction to our LIVE  allnite program while all else was Larry King  on tape! 
I started by addressing any aliens in outer space hearing my voice...inviting them to come and visit.  I repeated the invitation a few times and then at the first commercial break I rushed back upstairs and into the studio to resume taking calls.
Now there was NO Art Bell yet but he may have been listening somewhere because he really ran whole hog with the UFO thing and would eventually destroy my show but not for some years to come. 
This had been an era dozens of UFO a lot of places where my show was on the air, like Phoenix, New Orleans, Miami etc. In fact I was in New Orleans doing a show when two police officers  went "chasing" a UFO.  Several nights later I rode with them with my handy tape recorder and they described the scene...but there was no "sighting" this time.
Even back when I was a DJ in Peoria and doing that stay awake promotion there had been a couple who called in to describe a really scary UFO encounter on a rural road near Peoria. (Ever notice how the farmers see more UFO’s than city folks? I Often wondered about that.)  
Anyway this couple were all alone on a highway at night and the woman mentioned that there was a plane or something over the corn fields...and she kept describing a “bright light” slowly moving toward them.  Then, the guy driving saw it and watched it go ahead of them hovering over the pavement with a light of some kind aimed at them.  Suddenly the object moved lower and came directly toward them on the road.  It got so close the driver yanked the wheel and went off the road and screeched to a halt nearly into the corn field.
The object then sped up into the air and out of sight.  This is what you call a “close encounter”.
Of course I never had “alien visitors” and I basically did not deal with the UFO thing except from time to time on my show.
But now...late at night...I look up into the sky and wonder if any “visitors” had ever zeroed in on that parking lot in Clearwater, Florida!

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