Friday, June 27, 2014

Selena 1 & 2

Selena hot!
2 Selena's!!!

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I watched Monte Carlo again last night...and discovered something really interesting that I had missed.  I missed it because it was done so well by Hollywood.
      As you may know Selena Gomez plays two parts...the part of pouty little Grace who with her two girl friends was taking a tour bus and lost it in Paris. She also plays the wonderful part of the snippy bitch heiress Cordelia (which I love).
      In the Monte Carlo hotel suite the two girls come face to face. This is done so well...with both girls in the shot that I didn’t even realize what they had to do to make this stuff gel.  What ever it worked.  and it’s not the usual cutaway shots of is BOTH CHARACTERS SEEN ON SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME.  If you experts can figure it out please let me know.  It’s VERY impressive. (see pic above)
New post:

Here’s the plot for Monte Carlo 2
Cordelia's mother is fed up with her...and tells her she's going to disown her unless she "shapes up"....telling her she should be more like Grace. 
Cordelia goes to Grace and hires her (with her mother's $) to work with her...bringing along the other two girls. 
They go back to Monte Carlo to try to work it out but things continue to get screwed up...something like that. 
Could be long as Selena gets another bikini scene!

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