Friday, June 27, 2014

my red England shirt

...I’m not a soccer game is baseball and probably pro and college football.
But a year or so ago I saw some shirts on sale and one...a bright red...caught my eye and I took that one.
Turns out it was an England soccer shirt... emblem and all...and I didn’t care as I know nothing of the game.  I don’t know hockey either although I had to attend soccer games as my stepson, Jeff, played it thru high school and I once went to a Panthers hockey game but didn’t like it or understand it.
Anyway...I’ve been wearing the red shirt and it HAS attracted attention.  Today two good looking girls, college age, couldn’t take their eyes off it.  I actually thought they were going to approach me and offer to buy it off my back...which I would have done just to be nice to them.  I guess that’s an example of how crazy some get over this game.  
This blog is on in EVERY important soccer playing country so I won’t say anymore.(75 countries in all)  
Anyway I checked England’s team and they shouldn’t have bothered going to the games!  I guess I really have to root for them though because of my crush on the next Queen of England...the beautiful Kate!

Now I AM going to piss off a lot of females.
I was flipping thru tv channels the other day and came upon a show called Suicide Girls something or other. The girls were pretty but the tattoos were ugly as sin.  I actually would NOT want to make love (and I’m crazy doing that as you can guess) with any girl who looked like a “chopper” mate.
Women are given beautiful bodies....and it is a sin of the worst kind to see them screw up that natural beauty with snake crap all over em!  
So there.  Soccer’s just ok.  Tattoos on gals are NOT.  Just my Katie...don’t get any tattoos.  The same goes for your hot sis!

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