Monday, June 9, 2014

Stan the Man comes calling

The ghost of famous Number 6 comes in a dream.
...My boyhood hero...Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals was standing by my bed.

“Hello, Stan” he said.
I was speechless....
“I know you’ve been a long time fan of the Cardinals and me and I wanted to say without guys like you we wouldn’t have succeeded as we did.”
“I thank you” I replied  “but how could I not worship you from afar all those years...same first name and last name initial and I throw left handed...bat left handed.”  
“Stan the were amazing.”
“Thank you”.
“And were right about one all the drawings...sculptures etc. of you at bat...the never got your stance right!”
We both laughed.
“And I followed your instructions like the rest of the kids after the game.  You said follow me to my car and I’ll sign anything you want.  And you did that...and it was a real thrill.”
“Well...I was happy to do that.”
He continued...“I have to leave now...some of the guys are setting up a you be good...and keep rooting for the Cards!”
And before I could tell him about the Miami Marlins he was gone.
Well that was a thrill even at this age.
Hopefully he’ll return in another dream .  I want his thoughts on today's stupid replay rules
And...back to sleep I went.

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