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Obama has strange friends? due to the Obama policy of freeing known criminal terrorists and due to the crazy’s moving to take over Iraq (again)...we now get to worry more about serious terror threats.
Here’s a story that has received little or NO coverage in the media: on  if you want to see how the bad guys who hate us get away with it:  (repost)

Three or four 9/11 dudes who got away?
One might have been the real boss of the whole thing...not Atta.
I live in a large apartment complex about a half mile from where the man identified as the lead 9/11 hijacker...Mohamed Atta resided on  west Atlantic Blvd....Coral Springs, Fl.  
Atta was reported to have received a speeding ticket one day... on the road at our entrance here.
I had been here for years...and having been in the news business...I knew important information when I picked it up.  
I  also personally witnessed some rather strange behavior by a middle-eastern type couple before the terror attack ...who apparently disappeared on or around 9/11.  I never saw them after that date.
I was told about three middle-eastern residents...young males, left here...moved out without notice and left there furnishings just before 9/11.
An excellent source presented me with a possible answer to the couple I had seen...take a strolling walk at 2 AM on more than one night. 
The first time I passed the man...middle eastern tannish...dressed in a tan suit with white dress shirt but no tie...I said "hello”.  He didn’t not reply.
     Very unusual at the hour of the morning.  The man could have been a doctor...or lawyer...appearing confident, poised and well dressed.
A few days later (again this is just prior to 9/11) he was accompanied by a woman...on this walk at that strange hour of night.
     I spoke to them both and this time the man responded and the woman in full Arab hijab our paths crossed in the dark. 
Months later as I searched for any information on these visitors with the penchant for very late night strolls...I checked the time difference in the middle east...Egypt, Iran etc and discovered that at 1 or 2 AM our time...clocks in their homeland would be early morning by about six hours...or later depending.  My guess on all this was that this was some usual routine back home for them.
9/11 came and went and I never saw them again.
However, an excellent source “whispered in my ear” that there were three young men who had left their apartments here  (they never received mail) but another man (possibly my late night stroller) got large express envelopes frequently... appearing to be stuffed with “something”. newsman assessment of all this was that this walker in the night may have been receiving funds for the terror operation as the fully stuffed express mail envelopes were all (I was told) from overseas and he may have in fact been the actual “brains” of 9/11 and he got away. 
I never thought that Atta could be the brains...he was more brawn...and he and his team would have need of someone who could direct them locally and receive cash subsidies from overseas for the attack.
So...months after the attack and with my information gathered I decided I should at least make an effort to contact the authorities and let them decide if and how to proceed.
I dialed the FBI office in Miami...and let the phone ring for about a minute or so and as no one answered so I decided to try it a bit later. I did...and the same incessant ringing and ringing and no answer.  Busy is one thing but this was really annoying.
I dialed the FBI headquarters in Washington DC and they answered after the first ring. The operator switched me to a agent and I explained I was trying to reach the FBI Miami office but there was no answer so he said he would forward my call down there.
A woman came on the line in at FBI Miami and seemed perplexed at what I was doing and basically was short and rather rude to me saying they were very busy....and then either she hung up....or I took the hint and hung up on her....I don’t recall.  Anyway...I had made the effort.
After a few days I decided time was slipping away...the apartment complex had already changed managers and there would, of course, be a time consuming hunt for info on the “skippers” as they were called who checked out without giving notice.
I called the New York Times...the Washington Post...the Miami Herald and god only know who else to no avail.  I think I talked to a lot of “interns”.  
I had two contacts in the papers but didn’t get to talk to them.
ABC New’s Brian Ross (top investigative reporter) had been at NBC News the same time I was (see Vietnam stuff) and I called him but didn’t get through.  I dug out his e-mail and sent him a “bullet” with just basic info...but I heard nothing back.  Another intern I’ll bet checking the e-mails and deleting them.  I’ve witnessed how it works.
So...there I sat.  What would you do?
There was a freelance writer in this area who took an interest in the info but he didn’t pursue it past that.
Now...I’m putting this out on the internet in my bio blog and wondering if any of those spy eyes in DC are going to take an interest.’s late in the game. Now you know.
The one’s who got away????? 
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