Saturday, June 28, 2014

sure could use...a little good news

Cheryl Ladd in Millennium

bits and pieces....and Jane Fonda and Cheryl Ladd

    ...the walk to my mailbox again resulted in NO official notification that my HMO had gone broke and therefore my health insurance was in limbo. This would make 13 days...that’s almost two weeks...since my Doctors office called to inform me P.U.P. Physicians United of Florida was out of business.  
The only thing that eventually appeared on the PUP website was a small window saying “Important Member Notice” which if clicked on gives you the letter the State of Florida should have sent to each of the 50,000 members by express mail!  So if you are old and don’t have access to a’re screwed.  
Way to go Governor Scott!
Still no letter from Medicare which supposedly is covering the members of the defunct HMO.
The mess just continues!
Here’s the other good news today.  
Gas prices going up...when they usually go down.  They are blaming the Iraq problem.  Such a scam on us!  But we ask for it don’t we.  Go to the pump and make the Saudi Princes richer!  Here’s the story if you want it:
On a more positive note....some of my favorite Kris Kristofferson flicks...all hard to find. (I’ve got them on VCR tape...remember that stuff!)
MILLENNIUM with Cheryl Ladd (ummmmy) 1989
ROLLOVER with Jane Fonda 1981 
good luck finding any of these!

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