Saturday, June 7, 2014

MARIA is #1

Maria Sharapova!

...take a look at that!  After years and years on the tennis courts of the world Maria STILL looks great. (Amber Tamblyn should take up tennis!) and congrats Maria,  on the French open...they should name it after her.
I have had a thing for her for years and years...and I don’t play or watch tennis (unless it’s her) and I know nothing about the game.  and...I don’t care if she screams when she hits either.  She probably does that in bed too! Wouldn’t I like to know.

The Russian floodgates have opened on this blog.  Now nearly 60 views the past 24-36 hours.  So Putin took my advice and dropped my blog from his restricted list!  I’m just kidding Vlad.  
I saw that pic Drudge featured with  Obama stiffing you at Normandy.  Screw him...he’s a lightweight and coasting downhill to oblivion.  But where’s my job offer?
Good cigars in the freezer?  I often wondered about that ever since me and my WPGC Washington DC buddy Jerry Kearns raided the freezer in the kitchen at the Blair House where Ike hid his Cuban Cigars.  Jerry’s Grandma ran the place so we had a pretty good time there on weekends.  Kate Middleton and that Prince of hers might be interested that I took a bath in the gold tub which was installed for Queen Liz’s official visit.  You guys can pass that on over there. ...and say hi to Pippa! SHE'S HOT!
The Cubs are home & beating up on the Marlins and GC Stanton does nothing but strike out.  That’s really weird cause he's been leading the MLB in homers and RBI’s until he hit Wrigley.  
Hang in there GC! and vote for him for the All Star Game!

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