Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Kind Of Town...Chicago is...

Woodfield Mall

       Why do the best looking people live or come from Chicago?
Is it the water up there?  It surely isn’t the climate!
I used to walk thru the big Woodfield Mall out in the western burbs...and I didn’t shop...I just girl watched and it was like heaven.
I see the same thing at Wrigley Field while watching the Cubs.  There was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen at the first game with the Marlins this past weekend.  And the camera guys and tv directors have a field day at Wrigley...zeroing in on the best looking guys...girls and even  kids and it’s great.  Now that the Marlins have left town...go Cubbies!

  ...I have a confession to make.  All reading this blog know I am really into women...females...all of them (well most anyway).
     So it may shock you to know I wear a belt from the women’s rack in Kohls!  
That’s right...I was searching for a belt in the men's department and all they seem to have is stuff for cowboys or wrestlers.  That’s not me.  So I crossed to the belt rack in the ladies...and guess what.  I found a great looking and inexpensive (important) belt...in cordovan and also in black that was like a mesh thing...light weight and you could just use the mesh to lock in your connection.  So I confess.  I’ve had two of them the past two years...and love them
But I assure you that’s the only women’s thing I own!
     On Michelle Obama’s possible run for the Senate...in addition to Senator Burr’s slot in North Carolina which is up for election in 2016.(see ealier post)..from her home state of Illinois GOP Senator Kirk may be up at the same time.

So...who knows, eh.

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