Wednesday, June 4, 2014

hear Bob Hope in Vietnam..right here

...the ghost of Bob Hope awoke me in the middle of the night last night.

“ are you.  Haven’t seen you since Vietnam...1969...Cu Chi...right?”
“Hello put on a great show!”

“Lots of troops to enterain up here where I am now...we have a great show...Marilyn is with us...and Rosemary sings...Harry James plays....and about halfway thru the shows a special guest walks in to thrill old hoofing partner Bing Crosby!  And sometimes Frank drops by.”

“That’s wonderful Bob..I’ll tell Nick Clooney about Rosemary...he’ll be delighted!  His son’s the biggest star on the planet you know.”

“I know!”
“Well..more shows to do... did a good job for NBC News in Nam...I enjoyed our short walk thru that hospital at Cu Chi to cheer the boys up!”

....and with that...he slipped away into the night.
I smiled and went back to sleep.

to hear the Bob Hope interview for NBC Radio’s MONITOR here:

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