Friday, June 6, 2014

76 views from RUSSIA!

Amber as she was!
       I watched "The Longest Day" movie because of all the media blitz the past few days.
I've seen it several times but I never realized the film ends abruptly while there was still plenty of story to tell. I wonder if you have the impression also.

Vlad is back!

76 views from Russia to this blog the past week! After NONE for the past month or more. Wow!
...and six from the Ukraine!  Maybe I can negotiate a deal between Putin and the Ukraine right on this blog.
Or maybe Putin would like for me to move to Moscow and advise him on how to deal with Obama (talk Harvard talk to him)
     I’d be happy to do that if the price is right!
Caught my Joan of Arcadia love Amber Tamblyn on Two And A Half Men”....and am sorry to report that she has let herself overweight and etc.  Sad.  Such a great looking girl...even in the few episodes of “House” and in “Main Street”.  Her “House” run was great for her and great for “House”.  Be sure to see the episode “A Pox On Our House”.  One of the best ever on tv.
...and Amber...start working out!

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