Monday, June 16, 2014

their stealing your signs, Fredi!

     ...Look what the Atlanta Braves “crybaby” manager Fredi has encouraged! He lost three games here in Miami against the Marlins...and the only thing he could think of was we must have they stole their signs!
That’s why the Pirates just left here winning two out of three.  
Maybe the Pirates were stealing our signs.

So..the Cubbies are here today (Monday) and two of our former good guys...Justin Ruggiano and John Baker who were with the Marlins the last couple of years (now with the Cubs) say they will “take a look around” see if anything is “fishy” with the fish. (my pun intended)
You think I’m kiddng...making this up?
Here’s the famous Chicago Tribune write up:

    The Marlins are pushing your Braves...for the National League lead!  It’s taken a lot of work stealing those signs, Fredi, to do that hasn’t it!

We’ll see you in Atlanta soon!  If we win even one game in that series it will probably because of our very efficent “sign stealing!” right?

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