Thursday, June 26, 2014

My HMO crashed & burned...ongoing!

still no letter from anyone...but finally a "notice" on their site!
looks kind of top secret doesn't it?

My HMO crashes & burns (Chapter 2...or is that 11?)

On Monday June 16th my PUP doctor’s office called to inform me I had NO insurance.  I had an appointment the next day which was canceled based on that call.
It is now...11 days...that's  ELEVEN days and I’ve not received word one from the following:
PUP (although today I got my regular drug info!!!)
MEDICARE (we are said to be flipped into this now to be treated.  who knows?)
FLORIDA ( from my State government...nothing in writing)
...on the PUP website now is “an important notice to members” box you can click and finally, see the official notice of what’s going on.  I don’t know when this “notice” popped up on the PUP  site but you’d think it could be a little more “INSURANCE CANCELED “or something to garner your attention.
I wonder how those who don’t have access to the internet (lots of elderly) would know about this!
I have already signed up with another HMO (wish me luck) but the wheels in that are slow and I have nothing official as yet. basically this mess of messes continues on....hard to believe in this day of fast computer technology that we 50,000(?) members couldn’t at least get a phone call or an email of notification!!!!

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