Saturday, June 21, 2014

my Dad...fond memories!

looks like our farm in Illinois

some bits and pieces from my life......hang on!

...My Dad came back from World War II with some really interesting stories. Here’s one of them.

He said while he was in charge of building at a base in New Jersey back in the early 1940’s...and civilian came to him carrying a large wooden container.
The man said:  
“I can turn ocean water into drinking water!”  
And he challenged my father to drive to the ocean and test it out.
They did. The man asked my Dad to dip the container into the ocean and they both watched the water slowly drip from the bottom of the container into a large plastic cup.
The man handed Dad the cup and he tasted.
It was fine drinking water!
My father always wondered what became of the man and the container.  He never heard another thing. 
Can you imagine the lives that would have been saved at sea if every lifeboat had one of those containers!
Another thing my Dad told me as we passed the massive corn fields on and around our farm.  The fields were being harvested at the time and lots of left over corn stalks were in every field.
“Look at that stuff...just lying in the field, Stanley. 
Someday...they’ll be making fuel for cars from all that!  We won’t need to import oil from overseas.”
Well...he was partially correct. 
On our big family vacation out west in 1950...we hit Reno on what they call “Frontier Days” July 4th.  We watched the big parade downtown...headed by two stars nobody knew.
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.


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