Thursday, June 12, 2014

Iraq_don't play in other's backyards

Iraq...I told ya so!

When you try to become the world’s caretaker you eventually have to become the world’s cops.
That why we should just ignore the bastards who use God and religion as an excuse to power.
The Sovs saw it that way after Afghanistan and until Putin started pushing Russia’s neighbors their policy has been “let em be” and ours should copy that.
Take Vietnam as a for instance.
How many Americans died there...basically for nothing.   Now that it’s “red” it has problems with the other “red”...China.  Good for them...they can bludgeon the hell out of each other while we look the other way(for a change). 
I admit it.  I love the Ford Fusion.  I think the 2014 Fusion is the best looking car on the road...even beating the Kia Optima which I love too.
Yesterday a nice lady with her grandson pulled into a parking spot near me at the big Walmart.  She had a brand new the dark silver color and boy...was it a beaut.  The only other color good on the Fusion is the “White Pearl” which comes as a perk...higher priced.
Crybaby Fredi of the Atlanta Braves just keeps winning.  You don’t suppose he’s been stealing signals from all his opponents?
The Miami Marlins keep winning one or two and then losing the same so I don’t hold out much hope.  Meanwhile the MLB network will surely keep us WELL informed on the Boston Red Sox and New York can bet on that.

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