Friday, August 9, 2013

Elevator name dropping!

Still jumping around in life...
You meet the  most interesting people in elevators....
I’ll take you through a won’t take long.  Excuse a little name dropping.
While I was at 30 Rock in New York I entered the elevator to go up to NBC news and there was JOE on the Today Show.  I introduced myself...told Joe I had been a fan since his days with Harry Carey doing the Cardinals games. 
I went down an elevator with FRANK MC GEE...a man everyone loved and admired and another long time host on the Today Show.  He was going to catch a train at Grand Central Station and I was headed for my hotel so we covered the distance together.  It was quite something to be walking with someone so well known down the streets of New York!
Over in Hong Kong I was staying at the nicest hotel in the my opinion...the Madarin.  I entered the elevator and there was PETER GRAVES of “Mission Impossible” Winds of War etc. etc. etc.  Again, a very nice least for that brief period of time.

When I was working at the post office in Beverly Hills (more on this period later) I had to take a package over to an office in the Ladd Building.  Into the elevator I stepped and there was a most familiar gentlemen...good looking and well dressed.  Of course, you guessed it was actor ALAN LADD...and in his own building.  Nice guy...nice smile.  

On a short stay at Caesar’s in Vegas I walked into an elevator and said hello to singer ANDY WILLIAMS who was headlining there at the time.  My other Vegas encounters took place when I worked at a radio station in the back of the Flamingo Hotel on the strip and those thoughts come later...including, I might add just to tease you, BETTY GRABLE sunbathing at the Flamingo pool!

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