Monday, August 26, 2013

the radio merry-go-round game

Off we go.......on the road to radio fame(?)
... so...get your road maps ready....

I’m gonna tease you with the places  and radio/tv stations where I’ve worked....

Back to Las Vegas around 1958...after the Jack Daniels drinking with Nick Clooney (BG before George) way into the nights in the slums of Beverly Hills.

You might remember Mac Richmond who owned the Vegas station (which he illegally shut down without telling the FCC) owned two other stations...WPGC AM/FM in Washington DC and WMEX AM in Boston...a sensational money making outlet that cornered the rock & roll audience in that great city.  Can you say Arnie “woo woo” Ginsburg?  Yep he was there. 
Mac ask me if I’d like to work in DC and I said here we go in true radio job fashion.....check your map:
         note:  these are all local stations national show came later

 1958-59  Washington DC  WPGC am/fm...jock
1959       Baltimore WCBM...jock
1960-61  Chicago  WJJD...PD & jock
 1962-63  Boston WMEX...News
1964-65  Chicago WNUS (all news)
  1966     Vietnam (hometowners)
                  Vietnam (first ever daily show from a war zone)
1966     Kansas City
1967     St.Louis
1967     Milwaukee
1967-68  Rockford, Ill WREX-TV news anchor
1968     Democratic Nominee for Congress 13th district
1969     Chicago NBC News writer/producer tv & radio.
1969-70  Saigon NBC News correspondent
1972     Candidate Illinois Senate
1971-72  Milwaukee WRIT am/
1973     New Orleans
1973     Miami
1974     Miami
1975-76  Tampa
brief stints/fill in    WERE
                                    KSDO San
                                    WMCA New
1978      Panama City, Fl TV news anchor
1979      Miami
    Dizzy yet? 
                I am just writing this let’s wrap this up:

1980-85  Philadelphia  WWDB (FM)  Ops and talk host
      1985  Phoenix
1987-89  Miami
1990-91   Miami

That's it for local.  National comes in 92.

Now...some thoughts on all these great (or not so great ) cities. By the way...I DID move around a lot...but some stations were a return.

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