Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Karen a WIRL fan

from Karen  8/7/13
I've been reading your blog.  I became a Bobby Darin fan through you. I listened to the record that first time you played  the material he brought to you. I was only 14, but I wasn't a big fan of all of the teen idols at the time. My tastes were a little more sophisticated. I did go to the fill in show for Buddy Holly and I did see Chuck Berry. 30 years later I saw Chuck again and he hadn't changed. I have looked for that picture of the 2 of us that was taken at Stay Awake Stan


I don't remember Sinatra calling, but will look forward to reading all about it. I went to the "Bunny Hop" during the Darin promotion where your agreed to dance and you recognized me and put me in front of you because you really didn't want to have to lead the bunny hop. Ask anyone from Manual High School who the best dancers were in 59-61 and I think you'll hear my name. You weren't that much older than your fans, but unlike Dick Clark your tastes were beyond the high schoolers who listened to your show. You were such a promoter always doing something to drive up the participation. I really got a kick reading about getting Darin laid. Bobby could really dance.

I was the winner of a record when you asked fans to come up with an idea to give something away. I suggested a coffee cup contest since you frequently spilled the coffee and spoke of it on the air.  You asked me to come to the studio and help judge the cups. I must say that you may have had the opportunity to take advantage of young impressional girls, but you certainly treated me like the 15 year old that I was.

So glad you are still active. I live in Sandusky, Ohio a tourist area on Lake Erie. I plan to go to the big Peoria Southend Reunion on September 1st and see if we really can make the Guinness Record Book. There are lots of people on the Facebook pages one for the reunion and one for the Peoria Southend Memories.


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