Monday, September 23, 2013

50 posts...WOW!

What to do on # 50?

Well...I could continue the never ending(it seems) radio merry-go-round of stations in major(pardon the pun) markets after Kansas City and St. Louis.        How could I top hanging in the studio each night with Chiefs star quarterback Lenny Dawson?  He even taught me how to use that newfangled thing in the KMBC lounge called a “microwave”.  Most of us regular humans were scared to death of it...but not Lenny...he just put a plate in and punched some numbers and had a snack.  Cool guy...and he throws the ball pretty good too!
Or in St. Louis where with any luck I might get Stan Musial (still kicking but not playing) in the WIL studio for a nice long interview...before that guy with a gun got me. (see earlier posting on that)  but the General Manager got to me first and I was gone.
A stop in Chicago to harass my next door neighbor, Jackie, and then an offer from Milwaukee which looked pretty good.  But not as good as her! (But she wanted me gone anyway!)
So we’ll pick that up after this short break!  That sounds familiar. Kinda like radio or tv talk, huh?
But for blog post number about something special.
How about a short list of the guys I’ve admired on the radio.
Some from just listening...and several from working with.
Hang on Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc.
 and away we go!


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