Sunday, September 15, 2013

Susan Bray...WWDB...Philly

Response from a former talk host at WWDB Philadelphia....
Susan Bray...reading this blog in Australia.

She’s referring to the post regarding the our Boston coverage of the sad events in Dallas in 1963.
Please note the interesting info about her husband and Jack Ruby!

Hi Stan
Finally got round to reading some of your blog and it is great.  
Would you give me permission to copy and paste on the UPI downhold blog your experience in Boston when JFK was killed and using UPI? 
It will be of interest to the mostly retired former UPI guys who are members who mourn the loss of that once great news service.
I was asleep when my dad woke me in Mudgee (Australia) and told me that the President was dead. 2MG our local station went immediately to sad music and news bulletins.
Ed (Susan’s husband) was there in Dallas covering for his Baylor newspaper and a Houston paper and rushed to Parkland hospital.
He knew Jack Ruby very well as he used to sit in with the band at Ruby's nightclub. Ruby gave him a hamburger a few hours before he killed Oswald.

Susan Bray 
formerly of WWDB Philadelphia

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