Wednesday, September 18, 2013

some things I'm proud of...

A Few Things to be Remembered For....By Stan Major

I Began the very first LIVE national all night talk show in 1992. Midnight to 5AM Monday thru Friday with tape replays weekends. I was on over 100 stations in some great markets and great outlets...while Art Bell was on a couple of stations up in the pacific northwest.
Show was carried on the old Sun Network and I moved to Clearwater to do it. 
Sun had the finest affiliate guy ever, Bill Miller, and Sun bought full page ads in Talkers the first year which really worked.
The only talk all night was repeats of Larry King on tape. So...the live thing was hot.
A partial station list: KLIF Dallas...WXYZ Detroit...KVI Seattle...KSFO SanDiego...and KDXU in St. George, Utah which blanketed Los Angeles!
This program lasted nearly ten years on four networks and totalled near 500 stations over the ten year period! 
While doing a late night local talk show on WGSO New Orleans...I had the most marvelous guests ever. 
One night Jim Garrison and Mort Sahl came by talk for a couple of hours about the JFK assassination.
Actor Chill Wills spent a couple of hours in the studio talking about James Dean, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson and Giant.

In June of that year, 1973, a tragic fire destroyed the Upstairs Lounge in the French Quarter a gay bar...killing over 30 patrons.
I went on the air the next night and raised over a thousand dollars for help to those who needed it.
     In Miami on WNWS in 1979 I raised money for the Afghan fighters taking on the invading  Soviet Union army. 
This was long before the CIA or Rep. Charlie Wilson started to help. I received a hand written “thank you” letter and a small medallion from those heroic men...signed by many of the tribal leaders.

In the same vain while in 1980 with WWDB, The Talk Station in Philadelphia...I crusaded successfully to get Russian Vodka off the shelves of the state run liquor stores all over Pennsylvania. The State Senate passed a bill commended me for that effort.
Also...While at WWDB I campaigned for more help for VietnamVeterans. 
I refused to leave the studios for a week...and appeared on all our talk shows during that time. I led a tribute to the vets downtown in Philadelphia where hundreds turned out. The City Council commended me for that.

Just a few of the things I’d like to be remembered for.



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