Monday, September 16, 2013

still more...Picasso

More Picasso....
My favorite area in the world is...The French Riviera. I've been lots of places in Europe and Asia but Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo are tops (if you can afford them). I've enjoyed the Riviera four times. I could happily eat my last meal at one of Picasso's favorites,  La Colombe d'Or...high atop St. Paul-de-Vence, north of Cannes.

This is an anecdote I picked up somewhere.....after my wife Lauri and I vacationed in Cannes in 1988...and ate at this very special restaurant where Picasso used to sketch for his dinner.
This occured at this resturant or someplace doesn’t matter it makes good telling.
There were several reporters gathered for dinner and after the meal when the check arrived they were stunned at the final tally.
Picasso happened to be there and when the reporters were wondering outloud what to do (cash only) and none had the hundreds of dollars the tab came too...Picasso ambled over to save the day.
As the story goes...he took the bill...borrowed a pen from a reporter and signed his name.
“This should be worth much more to the owner than the
hundreds of dollars on it!” 
Then he walked away. 

Just one of many stories told about Picasso!


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