Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cal students in for shock & Baby JR hopes!

A California college campus


Here’s a brief update of baby “jr”...the new baby in our extended family who was born a few weeks too soon and has had breathing problems. I’ve asked you to think “well” thoughts for him and the parents thank you.  
He’s two weeks old...a beautiful soon as I get the go-ahead from his Dad to post a pic I will.  
He’s hanging keep those positive “well wishes” going
from ALL 81 countries where this blog is viewed!
            and Thanks...from all of us!
...OK you got to give them credit for trying...anyway.
I’m referring to the members of the California State Senate who have entered into troubling waters...trying to make a law against “rape” or “sexual assault” as aimed at college campuses.
Seems there’s a bit of “ambiguity” with the current law against that stuff.
In reading the Washington Post’s write up about the is awash in legalize and it’s very hard to figure out what they are really putting on paper.
Here’s a paragraph from the Post story...see for yourself:

“the bill requires affirmative consent to be “ongoing throughout the sexual activity,” meaning that sexual partners must agree to each step of a sexual encounter as it progresses and consent can be revoked at any time.” be the judge of all that.  It goes on to say something about “written consent” before the fun can begin.  I want you to think on that...for yourself because if I wrote stuff about that it would sound like I was just making fun of “rape” and I would certainly not do that.  
But written consent?  Give me a break.
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