Monday, September 1, 2014

No nude George or Brad???

Selena with clothes...barely

      ....HEADLINE: Big Celebrity nude photo leak!

So...who cares.  I only write about it because most of these “stars” already have fake “nude” pics on Google Image pages.  
I wrote earlier about Selena Gomez “nude” pics...over ten pages of them on Google and not one of them real.
I mean the people cutting and pasting Selena’s cute face on other bodies do a really good job...but alas...not really her.
I remember seeing a bunch of “nude” Julia Roberts photos the same way years ago. Her head...someone else’s body.  It’s been going on a long...long time and so this “sudden” release is not really big news but it sells papers...I guess.  
    Jennifer Lawrence seems to be so bent out of shape about it...she wants to sue everyone.
How about the publicity Jen?  Is that “hurting” you?
Who’s kidding who here...and...that’s enough from me...who cares.
omg...Jolie and Pitt finally tied it up!  And all this time I thought they were “legit” with all them kids!
Shows how much I read the tabloids.  Not much except maybe about Kate or Selena.(Obsessed by both...sorry)
Anyway the big story is NOT the’s their ability to keep it secret from everyone.
They picked a great spot too...southern of my favorite areas.
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