Sunday, August 31, 2014

HOORAY:1 Russian view!

this just first Russian view in months!  Maybe it's VLAD?

 ...We used to get bunches of Russian views to this blog each day...however for about a month or so no Russian's have checked in to read what I've been saying about "Vlad"! an effort to find out if this is some kind of censorship I popped up my favorite WEBCAM Galore and click on some cams in Moscow to see if they were working.

It wasn't extensive research...and after about ten minutes I came up with what looks like a live Russian webcam in Moscow.  At least the cars are moving(which is better than most U.S. cities!)

We now take you LIVE to Andropov Avenue...MOSCOW

here it is...give it a click: (then patient in a few seconds...after the screen goes dark it will go LIVE from Moscow!)

click below:

UKRAINE (equal time)

for a nice LIVE view of SUMY  (Nighttime shot...Soborna Street) click here:

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