Thursday, August 28, 2014

making $ off a dead man!


I’ve got  great idea to make something you do worthwhile and see yourself go viral on the internet:
By a bunch of tabloids...and magazines at the check out counter...those that have been picking over poor Robin William's dead the tv stations....and schedule a huge bonfire in front of Walmart (or wherever) and burn the damn things up!
Make a point for humanity!  
This stuff is just too much. Why can’t they just leave the guy in peace...they way he belongs.  He never did bad stuff to anybody.  Does he deserve this’s just plain sick.  Trying to make a buck off a dead guy who never hurt a flea.
I’m holding in my hand from my wonderful Mother’s huge (I mean really big) scrapbook of our family’s long...really long Western vacation back in 1960...the menu of La Placita Restaurant.
   I just checked and sure enough that dinning establishment is STILL there...going strong since 1935!
Here’s the rundown on what we ordered and how much it cost in 1960.
Sister Sally and Mom...had “Jugo de Fruta con Tostados...Chili Rellenos con Queso and for their main dish...Torta de Huevos con Pollo and Tortillas a Sopaipillas.  cost: $1.35
Dad and Stanley...doing the real men routine...had the T-bone Steak... French Fries and Chef’s Salad.  cost: $2.25.
I only copy these for you to note the prices...and note that I am now the biggest Tex-Mex food eater in the world!  But then I’d never had the I was a chicken!

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