Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TIME picks Hillary! What a surprise!

After all these years...we finally will get a Queen. 
     Oh yes...she has been proclaimed by a Time Magazine special edition...Queen Hillary the First.
Well...they didn’t exactly say that but the cover is enough to pass for it!
Even before the revolution American citizens...most with family ties to England...had wanted royalty...not just a President... and now we are about the get it.  We came near with George Washington the so called “Father” of our country...but he was smart and would have none of that stuff.
Queen Hillary is not like George.
She’ll be happy to sit on her throne in the White House and met out favors to those whose support she bought or who bought her.  They are well on their way to doing that already.  You would think the election is just around the corner but getting all that money to become Queen is a back breaking job.  Just ask Bill.  The money isn’t a problem for Bill Clinton..but the women still come calling and hovering and that’s a bigger problem now than when he played cigar games with little Miss Lewinski in the Oral Office.
I used to refer to the “Seven Sisters of the Media” as basically controlling the thought process of all who inhabit these shores.  They would be Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and Washington Post and then...trailing along playing catch up...the three news departments at CBS, NBC and ABC.  (I still can’t believe I actually worked for one of them...NBC News!)
Because of the internet...this is their last song...and Queen Hillary is to be their crowning achievement (pardon the pun).  
     I myself will vote for Jeb Bush because even as a Republican he did a good job in Florida and would make a fine President (not King) but my vote won’t count and neither will yours because the die is cast.  All those idiots who fell for the Obama disaster will vote and give us another one.  Possibly even far worse.
America’s only hope to stop Queen Hillary in her tracks is to turn the Senate and House over to the GOP and that is a distinct possibility.
So...Drudge or no Drudge...Fox News or no Fox News....
Let the fun begin!

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