Wednesday, August 6, 2014

real way to teach kids

Montessori Method
     When our young lad, Chris was ready for his “formal education”...his Mother, Lauri, insisted that we put him into a “Montessori” school in Plantation, Fl.
      I read a bit about the Montessori method and said “okay”.
Boy are we glad we did that!
Chris was reading books and texts when other kids his age were still tackling the very basics of reading and writing.
So from day one he had an advantage and we heartily recommend that you look into any Montessori School available to you.  It’s costs a buck but your kid’s mind is worth it...don’t you think?
I hate tv commercials that have these great hype sales slogans...offering you all the world’s...etc.
One they can do away with right the Gregg spot where the little kids haul a roomful of toy furniture home and build their own house in the back yard.
It was kinda cute the first half dozen times I saw it...but it’s been on a million times and it’s getting absurd.
also..I’m getting very tried of seeing that pizza guy doing his own commercials.     He’s got the highest priced product so surely he can afford someone else to do his spots.  Gold plated pizza I dubbed it. Can’t afford it...don’t want “pork pizza” anyway.  Who would...pulled or not!
Then there’s the car commercials who are ALWAYS having that last “end of the world” sale etc etc etc.
They don’t mention any prices... don’t want you to know they are higher than their competitors.  And then they have the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that absolutely NOBODY can read.  And we all know that's the really important stuff!

Just a few things that bug me.

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