Saturday, August 9, 2014

where's RUSSIA, Vlad?

Andromeda Strain
   ....This ebola thing reminds me of the great science ficton flick “The Andromada Strain”...the first one...not the second which was crap.
That was something really bad the came from outer space...killed everyone in a small town in the west...except one guy who was a sterno nut...and that helped them figure out how to beat it.
I understand the concerns about Ebola...and I understand efforts by groups like SETI to find aliens (try our border!)and government efforts to keep an eye on unfriendly comets hat might kill us off too.
But I wonder what efforts ARE being made (if any) to combat something akin to what was in that movie.  We hear nothing about that do we?  Something to think about.
A Miami Marlins pitcher, Dan Jennings, was hit in the head by a line drive yesterday...and it was a scary scene for a few minutes.  He’s ok...but on the “concussion” DL whatever that is.
So there’s already talk about baseball pitchers wearing some kind of special hat/helmet so we’ll see more on that I’m sure.  That wouldn’t help much if the ball hits you in the face.  
They’ve tried to protect football players but they still get hurt...maybe that’s where this will go.  Someone is going to get hurt at home plate trying to score and the new rules aren’t going the change that everytime.
I don’t know what Vlad is up to in Russia regarding the internet...but I haven’t had a viewer from Russia for over a month.
Let your people go...Vlad...I want them to read my posts!

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