Monday, August 11, 2014

Webcams for everyone...for EVERYWHERE!

Thru the last few years learning about computers and researching and finding stuff (it’s not ONLY Selena Gomez!) I’ve book marked some of the best webcam pages I’ve found. they are (in no special order) in case you'd like to do the same:

Paris LIVE has great live shots from the city...not just the Eiffel Tower
and some TV and radio thrown in.

This marvelous webcam is the finest of its kind I’ve found.  It connects with every webcam you could think of in EVERY city and locale in the WORLD!  I kid you not.  
You WILL want to bookmark this one!

I haven’t checked all the Caribbean Islands web pages but this one from beautiful St. Martin is sensational!

Just pics from a great photographer!  Enjoy

Keeping an eye on the top mountain and ski resorts in the mountains I favor!  Like Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

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