Sunday, August 10, 2014

bombs away, IRAQ!

LIVE FROM BAGHDAD...again?                                                      (repost, again)

      As I watched the news about Baghdad being threatened by some of the radicals that are using religion to excuse tyranny I chuckled... wondering if CNN would be returning there to go “Live from Baghdad” again. 
      Bernie Shaw could come out of retirement...and Peter Arnett (if he’s still kicking)...two guys I encountered during my news career both of whom I admired.  Another guy I didn’t admire much Ted Kopple could go riding “embedded” in one of the tanks that Obama will have to send in to “save the country” from it’s own citizens who want to chop off the heads of anyone who disagrees with them. 
      I got an email asking me why I didn’t like Ted Kopple in Nam.
Basically he was a new dude like most of the rest of us but a smart ass.
But I will pay him a left handed compliment.
There is a scene in LIVE FROM BAGHDAD where Michael Keaton is waiting all day to see the Iraq Minister of Information..and drinking a whole lot of tea.  Another American reporter comes in and waiting past his appointment time...HE  gets pissed and angrily leaves.
Kopple would have done it like Keaton...I would have done it like the angry guy..walked out.
     here's CNN's current coverage:
War over oil sucks...because we have enough oil under our western states that we could put the creeps in OPEC out of business in about five years.  But noooo...we can’t dig up our beautiful west!  Let our citizens continue to pay the Saudi Princes a “royal” price per gallon while our jobs don’t exist and we all go on Obama’s welfare rolls.  But don't dig and become self supporting....the environmental lobby would never allow that!

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