Monday, August 18, 2014

real radio stories


Tom Taylor of NOW Radio Newsletter loves these kind of stories:         (instant repost!)

Business Etiquette - Yesterday's "Meeting canceled" by calendar update reminds Stan Major of a time when he was "between jobs at our home in Northern Illinois, and the President and GM of WMCA New York called me. He said he had heard it on good authority that I was an excellent talk show host and he said 'Why don’t you fly in tomorrow, and we can talk about it.' I took a plane from Chicago to New York City late that night and called him from the hotel first thing next morning. He didn’t come on the line. I waited an hour or so and tried again. Same thing. Bottom line, I never got to the guy. I ate the expenses involved and never found out what happened. Funny thing, though...years later, the PD at WMCA called me when I was in Philadelphia, and asked if I could fill in for Barry Farber. I did a couple of days - but still never encountered the guy who had called me."

and still another...

Another bizarre job interview - Stan Major supplies one more true tale, and it’s about the formidable Bob Hyland, legendary manager of KMOX in St. Louis - "Bob called me and asked me to drive down from Illinois for a chat. I got in to see him and we had what I thought was a very good conversation. He said he wanted my services, but we didn't get to salary or slot. I thought that was strange. He ended the interview by inviting me to come to his large picture window, overlooking the newest part of downtown St. Louis and, of course, the Arch. He pointed to an area nearby and said 'Lots of good new apartments there...Go take a look.' Glad I didn't, because once I left his office, I could never get hold of him again." Stan's posted more observations about the world at

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