Friday, August 1, 2014

Dollar store preg tests

Jordana Marlin

...Fox Sports barfs up again!
You know by now Fox Sports is NOT a favorite of mine.
It’s again proved how stupid and useless their people are when they promoted, during a Marlins game, that I could vote for the next “Fox Sports Marlins girl on the web.
Well...I’ve never seen such a bunch of not so very pretty girls to vote for.  In fact...they’re weren’t very many.  You don’t suppose this has been “shaped” by some exec with no taste in women do you.
I wouldn’t be surprised at anything with this outfit.  I didn’t even vote!   I’ll stick with Jordana who’s putting on a few pounds...but she’s still hot!

    Just in time for school (August 8th)...the Dollar Tree store I shop has small strips priced at a buck each of course... for “testing pregnancy”.
I say just in time for school as a huge high school is two blocks away...and several middle schools are it will be convenient eh? 
    But where are the dollar condoms for the guys!

All my moaning and groaning about the Marlins big guy...CG Stanton not hitting home runs has changed.  He’s hit one in each of the last three games. Now has 26! 
    It hasn’t helped...they lost the three games.  They are going in the wrong direction now!  Pity. We gotta start stealing signs again.  Right Fredi?  
Just checked our competition and they all got beat too so we’re lucky.

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