Thursday, August 7, 2014

Braves nosedive, Prince Harry's booze,E's drugs!


oh no...not another baseball post!
Well..just a note about poor cry-baby Fredi and the Atlanta Braves. 
Lot’s of teams must have been stealing Fredi’s signs...cause they’ve LOST eight straight games!  The original “sign stealing” Miami Marlins are about to catch up to them.
Seriously though...he’s had injuries and so have we.  Our best pitcher out for the year and our current best not a sure starter on time.  So we all have problems. But..go Fish!
keeping tabs on those tabs.
Kate is worried about Prince Harry’s drinking.  That’s Harry...not her hubby William. from the Globe.

Elvis’ buddies cleaned up the drugs before calling the cops about his death.  from the Globe

and...last but certainly not least:

Selena Gomez is denying reports that she posed topless for photos that were leaked on the Web.
   how about the billion other “nude” Selena pics on Google Images.
Not her either?  all of them? me an excuse to run another SG pic up top.  I love em!

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