Friday, August 1, 2014

My show that NO ONE heard!

Flaming Hotel
Vegas strip

in the “weird things that happen in radio” category:

I was doing a morning drive show in Vegas in the late 50’s.  Nobody but left over party folks still awake.  Our radio station studios were in the “behind” building of the famous Flamingo Hotel on the strip.  
I came in and signed on and did a great three hour show beginning at 6am.  The guy who followed me waltzed into the control room about 9am...and said...I think you forgot something.  He flipped a switch!
I hadn’t fired up the transmitter site at sign on!  
Too much Don Rickles the night before, I guess.  
Sheepishly...I exited and went to sit by the pool where Betty Grable lounged every day.  Her husband, Harry James played the lounge every night.  
She still had“ it”...if you know what I mean.
Pearl Bailey was in the main room and she stopped and chatted with me several times...heading to or from her bunglow in back.  
Pearlie May...with her walking stick.  Nice lady! 
Seeing Don Rickles in the Sahara lounge for the price of a couple of beers!
Eating a wealth of great food at the Silver Slipper buffet...all you could eat for about a buck and a half! 
What a life!
I loved Vegas in the original “Ocean’s Eleven” days...and still do!
One day the owner of the radio station, Mac Richmond, from Boston... paid us a surprise visit. He asked me if I had a car...and could I run him out the the transmitter site.
We went inside the building and he went to the main power switches and shut them all off.  He laughed...and ask me if I’d like to go to Washington to his station there.  Realizing we were all out of work in Vegas I said sure!
And that’s how I landed at one of the most famous stations in broadcasting history.

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