Thursday, July 31, 2014

new BB rules SUCK!

Umps with TOO much power
...I’m angry for two reasons right now.
First, is the unbelievable realization that we in this country are going to go from the Obama’s to the Clintons (again!)
If Hilly runs...and it seems she will as there’s no other Democratic candidate who can best her...she’ll win.  She’ll get all the brain-numed voters who put Obama in for two terms.
So why waste time and money on an election?  Just give it to her.  It will be interesting to see what SHE does about Obamacare since her health plan, while Bill was President, got “snuffed”.
As bad as things are under Obama...I can’t see her setting the world on fire with “greatness”.  Although compared to Obama she may be another Jefferson!

The other thing that disgusts me is the Umpires in Major League baseball and their new pretty stupid rules for deciding calls on controversial plays.
Tonight they stole a probable win from the Marlins allowing Cincinnati to score a couple of more runs in a tight game in the eighth inning. They had no rhyme or reason to overturn a home plate “out”
...and it took them FOREVER to do it....we were waiting what seemed hours for them to get the word from some nud-nick in New York looking at tv replay monitors on a play which was basically a simple out and that should have been it.
But no...they've got to stick their nose in where it isn’t needed and overturn the ruling with little or NO evidence for doing that.
Our Manager Mike Redmond went ballistic and you can’t blame him.  Of course he got kicked out but at least he spoke for all of us letting the umps know they were full of crap.
  This stupidity really made my day!
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