Monday, July 28, 2014

Bobby Darin grows up!


More stars in the studio - Veteran radio personality Stan Major says “Bobby Darin came to Peoria in early 1959 to do one of those bunny-hop shows that featured about half dozen artists in one-night stands. I was doing my afternoon show on WIRL, expecting him to drop in, and he did. He walked into the control room while I was playing his big hit 'Dream Lover,' waving a huge disk, and he said 'Get that thing off there, play this.' I took the disc with no label and cued it up. 'What is it, Bob?' 'Just play it,” he responded. Out of the speakers came a semi-light rock beat, with full orchestra. It was way different from Darin's usual. I gave him a quizzical look, wondering why he had done something so un-Darin, and forced it on me and my listeners. After a few minutes the song faded and Bobby sat down for the interview. 'What did you think of that one?' 'Well it’s different,” I replied. He said 'That’s the next number one record in the world.' I shrugged and said Okay. I wasn’t impressed. We went on with his interview. The song was 'Mack The Knife.' Shows what I knew about music back then.” Historical note – “Mack The Knife” was #1 for nine weeks in the U.S., was the Grammy Record of the year in 1960 and is enshrined in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

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