Monday, July 14, 2014

easy come easy go

GC Stanton after another strike out!

Stanton's return in his next round sucked big time.  NOT ONE HOME RUN.
Now you know what we Marlins fans have been suffering from the past couple of months!
.Now that soccer had wrapped up our attention quickly moves to the baseball All Star least in the U.S.
If you follow the game of baseball closely you’ll note that the Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton, who will be the starting D.H. for the National League in the actual game, is a favorite to win the home run derby.
Truth is...Stanton has stopped  hitting home runs and almost everything else!  Seems like they finally got his number...and he was no problem for the Athletics...the Phils or the Mets the past month.
I guess he still puts on a good show in batting practice...but in games he’s faltered...even swinging at balls so far outside the strike zone you need a flashlight to seem em!
There’s been a lot of speculation about Station’s future...what with owners of the Marlins who love to dump great players.  One of them...Miguel Cabrera...of Detroit will be the third basemen for the American League team.
My guess is if Stanton doesn’t snap out of this blue funk fast...he’ll be traded off to the highest bidder.  Nothing surprises me about the Marlins front office.
So...I hope he wins the derby and homers during the game later.  Then maybe we’ll see some production from him during a Marlins game!
All...just my opinion.

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