Monday, July 21, 2014

Marlins 6 Braves 5 final!

More...BREAKING NEWS...MARLINS 6 BRAVES 5. our bullpen faltered but we held on....Steal them Brave signs guys!

yes...but this one's fun.

    ...My Miami Marlins visited Atlanta to steal more signs off Cry-Baby Manager Fredddie Gonzo's Braves.  
       It worked...we won in 10 innings 3-1.  
This is the first Fish-Braves encounter since we whipped Gonzo’s ass three times earlier in the season and he cried foul about the signs...charging we were so bad the ONLY way we could beat the mighty Braves was by cheating!
I looked around for a quote from him either before or after tonight’s loss...but he seemed very quiet.  Not even the concession of an apology for the earlier remarks which were an insult to the Marlins team, coaches and fans.
So...he’s still a “cry baby” even if he won’t open his mouth.
Tomorrow’s another day...we can whip them again to rub it long as we keep stealing his signs!  Right, Fredi!

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