Thursday, July 17, 2014

say it isn't so, Vlad!

TWA 800 Coverup
....Russia seems to suffer from an ongoing dilemma of passenger jet “shoot downs” and or just plain plane crashes(sorry couldn’t resist that!)
        They even shot down(?) an American spy plane called the U-2.  Remember that? 
A guy working on the U-2 spy project over there would become quite famous...his name was Lee Harvey Oswald. But our government “thoroughly and exhaustively” investigated Oswald and determined for the  press he was just a lone “nut” case.  He probably was alone the day JFK was killed because he missed his shot(s) but all was covered by the kill man on the grassy knoll who got away into history.
But now we have the Russians or Ukraine “terrorists” shooting down a big passenger jet with 295 killed including 23 Americans. Takes me back to my time coming home from my NBC News assignment in Vietnam/Cambodia.  The flight was from Bangkok, Thailand  to Copenhagen with a fuel stop in Tashkent,Soviet Union.  So for a time WE were flying over Russia also...but luckily nothing happened...except to leave the plane for the terminal in Tashkent we all had to give up our passports to the KGB.   I’m sure those were checked quickly on a computer somewhere.
So even that normal stop over of an SAS passenger flight was somewhat mysterious.  Not to mention the attractive young ladies who were scattered thruout the terminal, especially in the gift shop area, who seemed VERY interested in striking up a conversation with you.
More KGB?  This was when Putin was running that agency, I think.’ve got good taste...but an obvious one also!
Don’t know the final blame for the latest crash...don’t really care.  It’s just interesting what with the Korean Jetliner shot down over Russia some years back...and oh...don’t forget our government’s second biggest “coverup” (JFK was number 1)...TWA flight 800...shot down by a missile off Long Island.   Oh no...a hundred witnesses were all wrong about seeing a streak in the sky...of something hitting that plane.  
Just like the explanation of Kennedy’s head going BACK from an Oswald rifle shot from the rear.  And despite witnesses in Dallas that day saying there was a shooter from the front...our government and the press denied it big time.
Oh well.  Who cares, right?  It's only history.

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