Friday, July 18, 2014

Blame it on the INTERNET!

   ...It’s kind of a sad moment what I’ve just done.
I decided to check my bookmarks...which I rarely do and delete some and move others up or down depending on their use or importance.
Without realizing the historical importance of what I was doing...I didn’t delete my newspaper...
 Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 
but I moved it way down because it...along with other newspapers just doesn’t “talk” to me anymore.  I basically have no use for it.  I stop subscribing years ago...even to the big Sunday edition because I could get the info I wanted from their website on the internet. many others have done the same thing?

That EPIX package of films on AT&T was a come-on to make more $ off me.  It’s about five or six new channels of the same films other outfits have...nothing special (how many times have I seen Jodie chasing Hannibal anyway!)  They gave NO free view days for the new channels which seems really weird what with all the competition from Comcast, Direct this or that. They just want my $8.00 a month signup!  Screw em.
The Miami Marlins open up at home tonight and it will be interesting if they came back from the all star break in a mood to win...or just sink deeper into the NL East!  I’ll let you know.  Stanton will be the key.  If he's still in that blue funk and slumping...we're dead for the year.
I‘ve heard nothing on the lack of “congrats” to the Cubs Anthony Rizzo’s all star appearance from his local high school Douglas.  I just checked their website and still nothing.  Shame on them!  That’s not saying much for the “Eagle Pride” that they brag about.

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