Monday, July 7, 2014

SEX on gameday? YES!!!

Brazil girls... (Hint...they aren't soccer players!)

 oh boy...the headline reads:

World Cup Teams That Forbade Players From Having Sex Didn’t Advance Past Round of 16

...but didn’t my High School coach tell us to refrain from sex the day of (or before?) a game.  He said it drains your energy.

Well...this “study” may open up lots of new avenues for guys and gals playing sports.
Wonder what would happen if another study shows sex before games stimulates a player! that the next study, I wonder.
Think the study goes for cheerleaders too!!!! 
Don’t we hope!
ps...want to see the girls in pic above FULL here 
(your welcome)

        Pat Buchanan says “don't waste time impeaching Obama”.  
        And he’s right.
It would prove nothing...especially if he wins in the Senate like Billy Bob did in the Monica thing(s). 
He’s headed down hill...just let him float to the end.

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