Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kate(again) & MIAMI VICE SHOW

MIAMI VICE'S Michael Talbot guests with Stan Major on WINZ Miami.  click at bottom

Wow...Kate Middleton has her own magazine!  

Ok Mag put it out to make some more money. They charge almost $7.00 US!  You believe that?

Lot’s of pics and these interesting notes:
(* means MY comment)

Find Out Why British People Are Furious That Kate Middleton Twirled Her Hair In Public.
*say what?

Whoops! Kate Middleton Has a Minor Wardrobe Malfunction on a Windy Day.  
*Oh yes...we’ve seen that one!

OK! Investigates: All the Ways Kate Middleton Has Imitated Diana (So Far!)
*What’s the “so far” mean?

OK! News: Watch Kate Middleton Play Volleyball In Heels
*That sounds interesting!  Was it windy that day?

want here:

P.S. No sign of the Kate “double” I talked with here in my supermarket parking lot.  I’ll keep my eyes open though. Gotta get a pic of her for you!'s a sound cloud cut of Miami Vice's Michael Talbot on my WINZ Maimi Show.

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